Ok… I didn’t sleep last night, so I’ll be quick. 🙂 Yesterday… I was out with Nick for most the day, and then went over to Jonjon’s that night to watch his new Kimagure Orange Road DVD’s. (They’re crappy bootlegs, so I wasn’t that impressed. 😉 Kept messing up the subtitles or skipping them. Oh well, it was fun anyways. Afterwards Tim and Jesse came to my house and, after a interesting chat with Aubree, we tried to copy some anime from Tim’s laptop (debian) to my box (WinXP) For some reason it wouldn’t transfer at more than 20k/sec over the 100m/sec line, so we gave up.

After that I drove Tim and Jesse home and they let me set up my linux box at their house. (They have a 8meg/sec line because Tim works at X-Mission.) So, once network solutions gets my DNS fixed, btsfh.net will live again! (Right now you can access it at http://aragorn.eva-00.net/ because Tim set his dns to point to it.) Yay me!

Anyways, I stayed over there until about 6am when I finally came home and did some web design until about 9am. Then I went to my dads house praying my snow tires would be there, but they weren’t. I’m pretty sure the last place I saw them was in Alex’s garage, but he says they’re gone. *sigh*

Well, this was the beginning of my bad luck. First of all, I’m missing my $800 snow tires. Then I go to Nicks and installed a DVD Encoder card in his computer so we could watch stuff on his TV. Well, while we were doing this, his neighbors decided to back out right into my car punching a nice hole in my front left fender. Well, the nice guy drove off, but not without leaving a witness. Great, huh? Well, I call the police, and they come out (making me late for my date with Tina.. *grumble*) and give me some MORE bad news. My registration check bounced, and they had been sending notices to my dads house… which I never received. I never knew this. And because my registration was invalid, my insurance was also invalid… even though I paid $750 towards it. Also, I had a warrant out for my arrest because of a ticket I got a bit ago and couldn’t afford to pay. The sheriff told me she wouldn’t do anything about them but to get it taken care of ASAP. She took down the info about the witness, and the damage to my car and left. Well, I needed money quick… so I did what I had to. I sold my TV (36″ nice TV) to Nicks parents for $350. I’m also going to sell my Stereo (I paid $1,300 for it. Very nice 500 watt surround sound with subwoofer.) tomorrow and try to get this all taken care off. Good bye all my nice stuff. Car get hurt, TV and Stereo go bye bye. Only other thing I have left is my computer and I’m scared….

Wish me luck guys. Thanks.

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