Today was awesome. I woke up and went to pick up Aubree. We went to the Gateway mall and walked around a little bit. Afterwards, I came home to change and stuff, but was greeted when I got home to Amy calling to tell me she couldn’t join us. Anyways, so it really was just me and Tina. First of all we went to Chilies to eat. (They actually have really good food. It was the first time I went there.)
Then we went to my moms house and waited for my little brother. Once he showed up with his girl, they decided they wanted food too so they left us and me and Tina went to Barnes and Noble to look at books. That was lots of fun. It ended up with me and Tina reading “Where the Wild Things Are,” And some book about the TRUE story of the three little pigs on the little childrens reading stage.
Daniel met us there and we went to see Monsters Inc. Now if you haven’t seen that movie, GO NOW! It is awesome. Especially when you consider the computer effects that went into it. Truly great. After that we went to Dee’s and got some Hot Chocolate and appetizers to hold us over until the Hypnotist started.
The Hypnotist was interesting. Me and Daniel went up to get hypnotized, but it didn’t work on us. The rest of the show was kinda boring. It was fun being with Tina and all, just the show was dull. (Just watching a bunch of morons make a fool of themselves.)
After that, Daniels girl had to go home, so me and Tina went up to Olympus trailhead and hiked to the top of Petes Rock. (With all the snow and stuff, I never thought she would have done anything like that… and honestly, I don’t know of any other girl who would have done that. It was way cool.) Up there we watched the city for a while and talked. After that, we went to tanner park and talked… and then we came to my house. I was supposed to show her my poetry but we ended up watching Moulin Rouge and singing the songs to each other. She has a awesome voice. 🙂 After that we just laid on my bed for hours and talked some more. I ended up taking her home around 6:30 am. This has to be on my list of best dates I’ve ever had.
Also, I would never say before if I really liked Tina or not since I didn’t know her. After talking today, I think I know her a lot better, and so far I like her a lot. She has like every quality I want in a girlfriend as well. *laugh* Too bad nothing will probably happen from it. (We had that talk… while we might get together, it won’t be for a while and only if the situation stays right.) If anything, she promised she would always be my friend. 🙂 So, I have another friend, and I couldn’t be happier.

But then again we return to the “Lets see what the future brings” idea.
I’ll let you know though.

Anyways, now it’s 7:30am, and I need sleep. Goodnight!


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