Why bother?

*sigh* I guess it’s just another stupid day for me. I guess I should have expected it. It started out all right. Me, Aubree and Nick went rock climbing. I led the 5.9 (the same one I fell on last time) and got to the top. Yay for me. It seemed a little easier this time too. I wonder why. (I did have to stop a lot because the rock was real cold, but that was to be expected.) After getting to the top, I went up it three more times, once after nick and once more after Aubree tried. (She got half way, which is pretty good for a beginner.)
Anyways, after that, Aubree left us because she had a banquet she needed to go to. She told me to get some money so I could go see a movie with her afterwards. So while she was gone, I hurried and worked for some. After that I hung out with Nick and Dannon. We went to Steves house but he just wanted to play video games with Tyrel and … the other guys name I can’t recall. Well, video games not really being our thing, we left. We went and saw “The One” with Jet Li. Afterwards, I called Aubree to see if she wanted to hang out, but she said she might be going to hang out with Steve instead. I was like, ok.. whatever.. do what you want. Steve called and he’s like, “Yea, I don’t know if I should hang out with you guys or go out with my friends.” When I mentioned Aubree, he was like.. “yea.. But I don’t want to take her away from you. Besides, I could only buy us like water anyways.” I told him I didn’t matter, if Aubree chose him over me, What could I do? Well, she did. Dannon and Nick said that it was prob just the girl thing where they go for the person who can buy them the most expensive stuff. Me w/o money, left Steve, who told her he would buy her dinner. So, I lost. We went to the new mall again, and tried to climb the wall, but it was crowded again. Afterwards we went to fat-cats to find Steve and those guys. (It’s a bowling/arcade/pool place.) I was going to give Aubree the money I made. I made it so I could spend time with her, and so I didn’t want it, but we couldn’t find them. So I left and came home. Home at 9:00. All my friends ditched me, how lame.
Anyways, I called Tina when I got home. She was getting ready for bed since she had nothing to do either. I offered to do something but it would have taken too long and stuff. We’re prob going to get together on Tuesday. *snicker* So much for Dannon’s “No girl would want to spend time with you.” theory.
Just got more great news. My great grandma died. And her funerals Tuesday. Fuck me. I really hate life right now. And Nagi’s not around… she’s not talking to me anyways. I suppose it doesn’t matter either way… it’s not like she could hold me either. Why is it whenever I want someone to just hold… yea.. fuck it.

I’m going to go hike up to doughnut falls. It’s a nice hike I guess. And I guess if I don’t show up anymore, it means I’ve joined my grandma. *snicker* Wish I had some boots, but oh well.

Hope to see you later…. Bye

P.S. I really wish I didn’t get jelous. I really hate it. Especially when I have no reason. Aubree proved that one to me. Go to my grandma’s funeral, and then come back and start my life. Thats my resolution right now.

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