Today was all right. I went over to Rory’s and we were supposed to watch a movie, but it turned into a net party instead. At least I’m still good enough to rock their worlds at Counter Strike. 🙂

Today I’m supposed to go meet with Akemi and work on Japanese. I wonder how that’s going to go….

Other news… not much is happening. I miss Aubree a lot, but I need to get over her… The last couple days, she’s been sick. She told me she would call me if she stayed home, but she never did, so I never went to see her. (I called her after it was too late, and I dropped some stuff off, but because she didn’t call, I figured she didn’t want me to stay and just wanted to be alone..) I kinda feel pathetic just sitting around hoping she calls. I even had flowers and some food to take to her as a get well thingie, but I didn’t dare. I hate this. I really do.

I stayed up way late because of the party, and am way tired now… Good night.


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