Today was fun. Me and Nick went repelling at Pete’s Rock. (Really fun rock formation just outside the city.) The best part was it was in the middle of the night. Quite exciting. After that we hung out at Steve’s and planned something to do. Tonight we’re going to go up to Nicks cabin and spend the night. The reason is:

By some reports, the annual Leonid meteor shower should be the best show in decades, and possibly until 2099. With meteors peaking November 17-18, and particularly over the Pacific, now is the time to check the predicted local meteor flux and buy chips for those star parties.

There is supposed to be about 4000 meteors between 2am and 4am here! Huge star party! Possibly at Nicks if there isn’t too much snow and stuff.. We’ll see.

Anyways, they’re waiting on me. Gotta jet.


P.S. I love Aubree! (Hah, you didn’t think I would mention her this time, did you! To repeat those immortal words from spaceballs, “FOOOOOLED YOU!!!!”)

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