I was bored so I did some friend finder thing. One of the questions it asked was, “How do I feel about my career, family and life in general?” I thought about this and decided Happy. You know, even if I don’t have my true love… and even if things don’t normally go my way, I am happy. At least my true love is a friend. At least I don’t have anything to really worry about. Things could be so much worse if I let them, but I won’t. Things are great just because I’m alive and I decide things should be good.

Well, it’s thanksgiving, and I’m awake at 5am. I spent too long reading my books and doing that friendfinder thing.. Blah. Have a good day and think about what your thankful for. That is the point of the day. It’s not the food or anything else. Friends, and family. Love and comfort. I’m thankful for all that. And I’m thankful that I have someone like you to read this and think of me. Thank you very much.

I hope your day is as good as mine will be… (If I don’t sleep in too long 😉


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