My cheap poll!

Didn’t really do much today. I went to see Aubree today but she want really in the mood to be with me. (I’m one of those people who just like to hold the person I love, and she doesn’t like to be held often.) She gave me some books to read so at least I’ll be busy for the next while. Perhaps I can give her some distance she wants too. *shrug*

I have a question for people. I can’t pay the money to get a poll on here so just respond in the comments.

Are you the type of person who likes to hold or be held? For some reason I’m thinking I’m one of the few… I’m just curious if there are more people out there who like being held, or holding someone, or if there are more people who like holding once in a while but not really that often.

Respond in the comments please! And get friends and stuff to respond too…. I’m really curious.


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