The last few days have been interesting… First of all, I went to see legally blond with Aubree and my little bro last night. It was actually kinda funny… and yes, kinda lame… heh. Afterwards, we found out my sister was in the hospital. Apparently she tried to commit suicide. This time by ODing on some medication she was prescribed for depression. *sigh* We know it was just a cry for attention because immediately after she did it she told my dad. She’s ok now, but I just don’t know what to do. I try to be a good brother, but I guess it’s harder than I though. I saw her just a few minutes ago and wanted to say something but I ended up just telling her to stay safe and stuff… I hope she stays safe.

Today me and Nick went job hunting. I got a few interviews with stupid jobs, but that’s ok. I don’t want a real job for now, just something to have fun at and give me some extra cash. Afterwards, we picked up Aubree and explored the new mall here. (The Gateway Mall) It’s actually pretty amazing. New fountains and cool stores. There is even one store that has a three story climbing wall… for free! We would have done it but since it opened yesterday, the line was still huge. Anyways…
I just got home from that… and it was an interesting drive. I didn’t sleep last night and so I didn’t remember much of the trip. *hehe* I hate it when that happens. Oh yea, I forgot to mention, the top radiator tube blew up in my car…. I had to replace it in a parking lot. That made me mad concerning Firestone repaired my radiator not even 2 weeks ago. *mutter*
Anyways, if this is all messed up, I get that when I get this tired. *grin* And I need to get to bed sometime soon. Nick, Aubs and myself are going rock climbing tomorrow morning. It’s the 5.9 that I had my big fall on a bit ago. I’m going to lead it again, and this time I’m going to kick it’s ass. *grin* (Hopefully I won’t come back bleeding like last time.. that sucked 😉
Anyways, that’s my day. Enjoy it.. because I’m sure I won’t remember it in a hour. *grin*

P.S. As far as anyone is concerned, even through Aubree broke up with me, I don’t acknowledge that. *grin* She’s still my girl and still the one I love. Even if nobody else belives it. Not even her. *smile* Ja

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