Conditioning vs Learned Response

Today was interesting. I spent almost all of it working. (The time I wasn’t working, I went to lunch with Aubree and took her/picked her up from work.) After Aubree got off work, we got into this big conversation. It started with her saying something from church that had a lot of ‘We love god.” and stuff like that. I mentioned how that sounded like a form of brainwash. Instilling ideas into the minds of children with hopes that they’ll grow believing it and such. (I’m not accusing Mormonism of the only thing that does this, as all parents do this with their own beliefs.)
Anyways, the subject got onto conditioning. I thought it meant something like a reaction that is learned to the point where it is done without thought. Your conditioned to be who you are kinda thing. Well, Aubree, being the psychology genius, preceded to prove me wrong. *chuckle* She does that very well. It turns out to be basically making someone perform a uncontrollable action based on another unrelated action. e.g. Making the dog salivate when he hears a bell. Oh well. I guess people can say she’s the smarter of the two since she never gets in a argument with me unless she knows she’s right. (I, on the other hand argue about everything just because it’s a good way to learn it.) Then again, I’m only a master of Computers. *chuckle* Maybe writing… who knows. And fantasy… but what good is that? I guess I’ll always be proved wrong, but hey, if it happens enough maybe I’ll learn enough to stand my own. Who knows.
Anyways, I’m really tired and it’s really late. I need to be up soon too.. *sigh*
Good night!

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