Canyons + Aubree + Harry Potter + Star Parties… My life! Whee

Today was good.. Got back from the cabin, tired as hell, and came home. I showered and stuff and sat online for a long time. I was about to talk to Dhael for the first time in months, and that was cool. I was also able to talk to Nagi for a while. That was good too. After I was kicked off, (parents needed the phone line, I hate modems!) Aubree called me and told me she got home early. I went and picked her up and we went to a canyon and talked for a long time. It was good. I feel a little better about some things, but I still know I’m going to miss her more than anything when I leave. I don’t know why I think of this now since it’s still six months down the road, but she wants to deal with it now so I think about it to.

All in all, I still love her. With all my heart!

And onto other news… I got tickets to Harry Potter. *grin* For Opening day at about 2pm. I so can’t wait! Afterwards me and Nick are driving to the cabin. (Aubree might come too… we have some doubts her parents will let her, but I’m hoping.)
This star party is going to rock!

Anyways, going to sleep.


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