Awww… I just made my last payment!

Tonight was fun… I picked up Nick and we went to the Gateway mall to climb their wall. Afterwards, we went and joined Dannon, Steve, and Jeremy to hang out. After a brief discussion, we decided to go to Dannons house to watch a lame movie and make fun of it. (MST3K style.) While we were there, me and Sydnee (Dannons sister) got into a little contest to see who can kick the chain hanging off the light on the ceiling. (About 7 feet off the ground.) After a few tries from each of us, I finally succeeded and kicked it right up into the fan where it promptly broke the chain and turned off the light. *snicker* I declared that my prize was a kiss from Sydnee. (She’s like 19/20, so it’s ok! Not too bad looking either.. hehe) Anyways, she kissed me on the cheek and, I guess because Steve had a sad face, she kissed him too. Steve started gloating, so I said, Oh yea! I went up to Sydnee and kissed her on the lips. She then complained that I was crooked and so I said, “Ok, you asked for it!” I dipped her, and kissed her smack on the lips. Now, she had been totally stiff, lips pressed together and body stiff as a board, so I think I did quite well considering. Well, she then grinned and walked off. The mean part was when she uttered, “Pathetic!” I think I’m quite a good kisser thank you very much!
The other fun part, aside from Sydnee flashing her underwear at us.. *snicker* was the movie. Well, one line from it. The movie was Shakes the Clown and in one scene, he drove a car into a little ravine (jumping out and rolling down the hill, of course,) while his car drove down and stopped at the bottom. And guess what happened next… IT BLEW UP! Well, this reminded me of the Simpsons where Bart tells Auto (the bus driver) that there is a gremlin on the side of the bus. Auto say’s, “No problem, little dude!” and hits the car forcing it off the road into the little gully between roads. Well, he hits a tree doing like ONE MPH and says, “Ohhh.. And I just made my last payment, too!” and then his car blows up. Well, I repeated those words, and then right after I say them, the person in the movie did too. It sounds pretty lame I guess, but for us it was the best part of the movie.. and yes, it was that bad. 😉
As for Aubree… I went to take back her stuff today, but she didn’t do anything to get me to stay or even act like she wanted me there so I left almost immediately. I’ve finally decided I guess. Aubree is a great friend, and she will always be so, but if she doesn’t want to be serious with me, I won’t try to be serious with her. Too many of my friends like her, and I don’t like wondering if Aubree will date them instead of me… like Jeremy. Heh… So I’m just going to have fun again. Play with all girls, and enjoy myself. (Play as in hang out.. not lead them on kinda thing.) I guess it’s good to go on dates and enjoy yourself. I’ve just decided that sorrow and pain can wear you down. I can only be sad about her for so long before it gets to the point where I don’t care anymore. She won’t take me back in the next six months, so I won’t even try. I’ll still hang out with her, and possibly go on dates with her (if she wants…) but she won’t be the only one. She doesn’t want that. And aside, she doesn’t like being that close to me anyways. This is a good way to give her the space she wants. Perhaps she’ll find the guy she really wants to be with as well. We’ll just see.
Anyways, that’s it for today. Have a good night all.

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