A Christmas Carol

Today was a really fun night. I was at first planning on going to Hill Air Force base with Bob and Will to join some SCA event, but due to hardly any sleep and lack of some money I stayed home. I called Aubree to see if she wanted to hang out but she was going out with Jeremy today and made it clear that she didn’t want me to tag along. *shrug* I was going to make her dinner, but I guess not. Instead, I called Tina. I asked her if she wanted to do something and she said sure. So we decided to go watch a play. We went to A Christmas Carol. It was excellent. Afterwards, I offered to make her dinner, but she had to get home. Still, it was a really nice night. She held my hand during the play and we ended it with a kiss and a hug. It’s interesting, because, like me, she’s a … ‘touchy?’ person. She likes being held and she holds me back. It was kinda weird, but I enjoyed it a lot. It’s kinda sad that I’ll be leaving soon because I won’t actually seriously be with someone with that on the horizon. I like being with someone, and if Aubree “CAN’T” be with me… *sigh* Oh well, I guess I should move on anyways. She can’t even stand being around me much anymore unless we’re alone. And even then…..

Well, afterwards, Me and Jon-jon got together, got betos, and watched Anime. Ahhh… just like the good ole days. Did that all night and now it’s morning. I think I’ll prob sleep for a few hours and then see what people are up to. Nick is up on a 24 hour work spree, and so I doubt he’ll be up for anything that requires movement… And Tina will be with her mom, so we’ll see. Maybe I’ll get to work on my teleportation device just so I can visit my friends around the world. And make a few bucks while I’m at it. 😉 Well, lets wait until AFTER I get my Astro Physics degree. 😉 I think I would need a molecular physics degree as well for that though.. *snap* better get studying!

Anyways, I’m going to bed… Oyasumi!

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