Today was a all right day. I spend most of it with Nick, Dannon and Steve. We just played video games mainly. It’s too cold outside nowadays to do much of anything else. Grand Theft Auto is a great game. 🙂 We normally play were you run down as many people as you can to see who can get the most cops after you. And then it’s to see who can survive the longest without getting busted or killed. It may not sound like much, but it is quite entertaining.

Tonight, I came home and tried to get online, but none of the email accounts I had worked. *sigh* Aubree was prob on mine, and Bob’s has never worked for us… I tried a bunch of others, to no avail. Even my dads has been disconnected. (He has dsl, so I expected it, but still….) So, first thing I did once I got back online was start downloading NetZero. It sucks, but at least it’ll get me online when I need to talk to people. *mutter*

Tomorrow plans to be exciting. 🙂 Nick, Aubree and I are going snowshoeing. First time for the season. (With all the snow we’ve been getting, it should be great. Don’t know what’s going to happen afterwards. I do need to call Tina and get this whole date finalized. So far it looks like we’re going to meet everyone around 2, and fool around for a while. (I need to plan something fun here.. blah.) The movie starts anytime between three and eight o’clock, so we can do basically anything we want. After Monsters Inc, we’re going to get dinner and go to the Hypnotist at the local theatre. (Because my little brother works for the costume closet, and I’m a contractor for them, we can get in free. 🙂 It should be a new experience.
As for the date itself… it was originally supposed to be Myself and Tina, and Daniel and Michelle. Well, after a little talk with one of Tina’s friends, they decided they were coming as well. So now Amy and Erin are showing up as well. Because of this, I just decided to invite everyone. So much for a date, and hello party. *laugh* We’ll see what happens with that. (There might be too many people to see the Hypnotist…. *hmm*)
Well, I guess we’ll see what time shows us. And I hope it’s enjoyable for all. *grin*
Be well all!

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