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Well, heh.. here is me quickly relaying the last month or so of my life.

Well, it started out with way leading onto way. Now I look back with a sigh because there were paths I wish I would have taken and didn’t and now I’m stuck on this one. I received a phone call… It was a guy name Gary calling because I applied for an ad to be a Database Manager for a company called “The Superchannel Network” Well, anyways, I worked for a month about… and didn’t receive any money. I kept telling him I needed money. Eviction for my apartment came, no money. My car was in the shop, needed $700… no money. Well, it came to the point where I wouldn’t do any more programming until he paid me. He finally ended up saying, “Fine, come over and show me the program works on my computer and I’ll give you the money.” This is after he said he would pay me $1,000 a week. Anyways, I did that, showed him it worked with a few problems, but it would take me 20 mins to fix. Well, he was impressed, and I proved myself as a programmer. I proved I could do the work. But he again denied me the money. (Oh, and another problem, the entire month went by with him “accidentally” losing the contract that I needed to sign to prove my wages and such…) So now I had this program working, a lot of time spent, and him saying that he would have the money later that day… and to call him. I called him like 20 times that night, and someone answered twice, to tell me he was gone and to try again in 10 mins.

So, to make a even longer story short, I had no money, and needed to pay my rent, car payment, automotive repair bills, school, and all that other fun stuff. Well, so what looked to be a great job turned sour fast. The best part is he gave me like $500 in the first week to pay my rent for that month. He told me he was going to sue me for that money because I never “finished” the program, ie: fix the small bugs and add stuff he wanted as a aftersight. Well, he’s in the same boat I’m in. No contract, no way to prove I worked for him or was supposed to get any money. No receipts, no nothing. Too bad too.. If he takes me to court, I could at least get the extra $3000 he owes me for the three weeks of hard work. Blah.

So, why did I tell you that sob story? Well… now that I can’t stay in my apt, nor can I finish school. Well, I’m kinda SOL. So, I took the only course of action I figured was available to me. The Air Force. (Well, the armed forces, the Air Force just looked the best. Brains over bronze.) They’ll give me a place to live. They’ll pay for school. They’ll give me lots of programming experience. They’ll make me something to be reckoned with in the job market when I’m finished. They’ll pay me $2,000 per month (free money, no bills!!!) And they’ll give me dental and health benefits. Everything is paid. So, in 4 years I’ll have my BS degree, lots of money, and experience that will make most any job want me for my expertise. My dream house, car, etc all seems clearer…

And best of all… this will give me a way to see the world, and Nagi. I’ll be able to be stationed in Japan. I’ll be able to visit Nagi on leave. So it seems like the best choice for me. And besides, there really isn’t much left here for me. I’ll miss my friends, of course. But aside from that, nothing is left here for me. I don’t want to be here when the Olympics come either. So, off to the Air Force I go.

I’ll miss Aubree, sure… but really, I don’t think we make the best couple. Best friends, sure, but dating, not really. When I date someone, I want to merge with them in a way. Make our lifes become one. Aubree however, doesn’t. She doesn’t want to spend nearly as much time together, and honestly, I don’t think she really loves me that much. And I’m not sure if i can say I love her as fully as I once did. But she’ll always be my friend… I hope anyways.

And there’s Nagi. The has been a huge beam of hope in my whole crisis situation. She has been the only person really who seemed to be truly interested in my life. Well, aside from Bob, who has also been a great friend. Nagi always had a smile for me. She could always make me smile too. Made me leave the world behind. She would stay up late talking to me even though she had to work in the morning. She would tell me she cared for me when I felt nobody did. She always seemed to be looking for me. Always seemed to be hoping I would appear. Always reminding me why I love her… why I did in the first place, and why that has never changed. She hates that I’m going into the Air Force, but I’m sure that in a little time, after I get out of boot camp, she’ll like it. I’ll have more time to spend with her, and a opportunity I don’t have now. To actually be with her. To actually hold her. Something I dream of. A dream I hope to come true very soon.

So, now I stand before a huge path. A new life that will be completely different from the one I am leaving behind. I pray it’s for the best, but we’ll have to wait and see. So that’s my life lately.

Oh yea, and the reason I haven’t been writing that often… my Internet at home is down. Tony canceled our service because it was like the third time in a two week period that the cable-modem died. So it was a lot of very long and dull days as I sat at home with no Internet, no car, not caring about TV, and no new books to read. At least I have my car again. Things have to get better. And hugs to my dad for borrowing me the money to get my car out… a very unexpected thing from him.

Well, there you have it. I hope my life isn’t too boring. I’ll be seeing you later though.

Love you all for your support and friendship. It means more to me than you could understand. I love you Nagi. And Miss you. I miss you too Aubree.
Until next time…

* If you want me to write you while in the Air Force, email me your mailing (postal) address, and I will. *
* I just need to get them soon. I find out when I leave on Oct 14th, but I’m sure it will be after Halloween. *
* So hurry and email me them! Any support is appreciated to, but I really am strong and will be ok 🙂 *

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