Life as a single man

I’ve been single now for a couple days, and it’s been interesting. I went out with a bunch of friends yesterday, and Aubree was there… so it was interesting, but it was nice. At least I’m sure we’ll always be friends now. I will always care for her, so it’s good to know we’ll always be friends.
It’s also been strange to actually be able to date other girls again… only problem is I can’t think of anyone I want to date… I guess my standards are too high. I still don’t really want to date anyone, but I guess I’ll see what happens.

I’ve been talking to Nagi alot lately, and I’ve been glad she’s been there. If she gets her own place before I leave to the Air Force, I told her I’ll come down and visit her for a bit before I have to go. (I don’t want to be here for the Olympics anyways…)

Other than that, I guess things are moving along. We’ll see what happens.
Here’s to the future. I have both Aubree and Nagi as a best friend now, and thats nice. No girlfriend, but I guess with those two there, I’ll be ok. 🙂

Later, Matt

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