Yea, last night was quite fun. Me and Nick went swimming. We spent most our time in the hot tub talking to the lifeguards, but I did do a few dives and laps. I couldn’t even do a good swan dive. *sigh* I guess it’s not to be unexpected though.. I haven’t been on the swim and dive team for… 7 years now? Back as a freshman at Highland High.
After that we took Aubree a Boston Cream Pie because she was sick… but she didn’t seem to want company so we left shortly after. I guess we’re just getting further and further apart. I guess it’s anothing thing I should have expected. I guess I’m too much of an optimist.
After that, we went and hung out with Steve, Tyrel and Donnie. It was fun. Played a few games at the arcade and then I kicked their asses at bowling 😉 After that we went downtown and wandered the streets… took some pictures of the old clock tower and stuff. Donnie was actually nice to begin with, but then she turned into her annoying self. Tyrel was fun, although he kept reminding me of Aubree, since I’ve always felt she would rather be with him than me… *shrug* And Steve was Steve. Always hanging over Donnie and stuff.
After that, me and nick went to move his blazer. On the way, we saw a couple girls in a red sunbird. We grinned at them as we passed them, and they did a U-Turn and started following us. Every time I changed a lane, they did too. It was fun, but after about 25 mins, when we stopped at his blazer, they drove off… apperantly not wanting to stop. We were sad… hehe. Anyways, so we moved his blazer and started back to Nicks house when we saw them at a Seven Eleven. They saw us too so they quickly pulled out in front of us, cutting us off. I was like, “The chase is on.” So we chased them around the city for about 30-45 mins when they pulled into a street and it was a dead end. We pulled back as to not trap them and me and Nick decide that if they wanted us to continue following them, they would slow down and let us catch up. So I slowed down, and I guess they wanted to lose us because they did. *shrug* Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. (I’ve never been chased around half the city by a couple girls before. 😉 After that, I took Nick home and came home myself.
I tried to get online last night too… but I don’t have a modem in my computer, and my step dad was home all day so I couldn’t use my parents. I have a friend who said they would give me a modem… it’ll be a crappy one, but it’ll work until I can get my nice 3com one back from Alex.
On other news, I’m thinking of taking a job that will require me to travel across the US. I kinda don’t want to because it’ll mean I won’t be at home much anymore, but we’ll see. Anyways, I might be going to a haunted house with Nate later tonight, so I need to go take a shower and make myself look good.
I was hoping Nagi would show up because I wanted to talk to her about stuff, but I guess I’ll try later. I miss her after not being able to get on yesterday. Bobs not online either… blah. oh well.. Later all

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