Happy birthday to me

Just had to quickly say that yes, I am still around. Yes, I am 22 today, and yes I’m busy! School, and work take up most of my time. I should getting extra money coming in due to webpages that I’m constructing for various people.. (Which will slow my own webpage down a bit, but oh well..) So at least it’s worth it.

School is fun. I love the poetry class and Japanese is still one of my loves. I hate working for MSN so I hope I get a new job soon. Um.. Aside from that, nothing really big is happening.

My parents bought me couches for my place, my little bro took me and Aubree out to dinner and bought me another one of the Wheel of Time hardcover books. My sister gave me money. And Aubree gave me.. well.. um.. *grin* I’ll leave that one up to your imagination.

So, now I’ve posted and I’ll try to do it more often.


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