The fucked fuck who is getting fucked. (Caution, strong language!) *grin*

Lets see… I finally got my computer in my new place, but I didn’t sleep last night because of it.. *sigh*
I’m kinda screwed though.. lets see…

Money in Bank: $50

Rent $450
Opening fee $300
Car $250
Phone $50
Utilities ???
Insurance $1,200 (Yea right, guess I’m uninsured… fuck..)

Ok.. those are things I’m REQUIRED to pay… $1,500 And well, with $50 in the bank.. um.. yea… that’s not including insurance or utilities. Well, so I’m kinda fucked and might lose my car or apartment….

And well, I guess Jenn doesn’t give a fuck what happens to me because she wants the $200 I owe them for keeping a bed at their house for the month. (Fuck, If I would have known they would have fucken charged me so fucking much I would have just moved stuff to my moms front lawn.. *sigh*) So now, I either pay her or my car payment.. and well, you guess which is more important to me. (Yes, apparently it seems that she thinks $200 is a worthy amount for staying at the house one day and using it for storage the rest. Anyone thinking of going to Jenns storage, don’t! God..And I think she included utilities in that… well that’s nice since I didn’t fucking USE any… I was fucking out of town!)

oh, btw.. I didn’t sleep last night.. and I’m having money problems… so I’m in a pissy mood. *sigh* Brandon borrowed me some money, and I hope I think my state taxes finally came, so at least I can keep the apartment and I don’t get to live in my car for a month. Well.. yea.. I’m hoping they don’t blow up that I’m missing my car payment for a week. *sigh* I get paid next Friday, so here’s hoping for the best.

And because I don’t have any money.. I don’t have soap..a shower curtain, light bulbs (half came burnt out) And get this.. I have about 5 cans of tuna fish and half a loaf of bread left.. once that’s gone… I might have to take up shoplifting to stay alive. So if I disappear, I prob starved to death. My apartments a perma sauna too because I have one fan and it doesn’t work very well. *sigh* I though things were going to get better. Why is it I’m so fucked right now…. *growl*

God hates me.. it must be it…
And Guido does too.. I know he has something against me! Eeep!

Well, heres to seeing if I live or die.

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