A quick hello

I should be in bed and all, but I decided to write this and tell ya whats been going on.

First of all, the inet has been down at our place for the last two weeks, and it just came up today.. which kinda pisses me and Tony off to no end considering the repairman is supposed to come by later today. *sigh* If it happens again, we’re switching services.

Second of all, we’re trying to annex this whole four-plex. So far only me and Tony live here, and we’re going to see if we can actually do the interviewing of people and stuff. The reason being, if we can fill it with cool net junkies, we can get four people paying towards a superfast connection! *grin* We already have the complex networked.

< Ignore if you don't understand geek lingo. :) >
Other news… I FINALLY have my linuxbox up and running. Oh that was a bitch. First of all, the netcard wouldn’t run with any standard drivers, d-link actually had source that you had to compile yourself.. problem is, you had to recompile your kernel for this to work. So I’ve prob recompiled my kernel like 4 times in the last week. A few times just because I’ve been experimenting. After all the how-to’s I’ve read, I actually have it down packed. I was able to recompile my kernel, compile and install mysql, php, and apache as well as getting BIND up and running in about 5 hours. So hopefully once I get it back to Brandons and on the good connection, I’ll be able to point btsfh.net to my box itself and have it be it’s own dns server. 🙂 All things are looking good in that aspect.
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Other news. I’m still living my life from paycheck to paycheck. School starts on Wednesday, so I’m really looking forward to that. It’s another bill to pay, but I can live through that… (I need to be learning something…) I REALLY need to get people paid back. First of all Brandon. If he didn’t help me out I would prob be living on the streets right now. Hopefully I’ll have a lot of extra money coming in now that I have the web-server back up because people are going to be using it. (I have a few jobs lined up to make people websites for cash.. *hop*)

Other than that, I still hate my job, but the prospect of getting a new on looks better and better with each passing day. I have one that should pay $40K/yr starting sometime soon. (Working with Tony. 🙂 It should be great.

Anyways, it’s way late and I’m already going to be exausted. Have a good one!

Oh yea.. one last note. I still love Aubree more than ever and she returns the love. I don’t see any end to our relationship. *hop again*
So, with a meow and a nyaa…
Bai bai!

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