The end of the greatest team in history…

Today after work, the team and I all went to denny’s to have one last get together as a official team. Me, Brandon, Bob, Tony, Nate, and Dave. Er oh.. yea.. Brennon and Artur too (But Arturs Russian.. he doesn’t count!). The base team… Ahh the memories…
Everyone asking me if they wanted to miss work the next day because they fired me… Everyone ACTUALLY missing work because they hired a new tc that we didn’t like. Artur saying, “What should I tell him? Your screwed dumbass!?!” And his “I’m Russian! I don’t think!” *grin* Me and Brandon as the ‘Knights who say NI” and giving everyone else their titles… such as “Sir not so l33t script kiddy” “Sire not appearing in this show” “Sir hit’s the floor” Etc. All the parties we held just to party… everyone trying to get me to drink.. *laugh* Nate and his unique ability to shout a swear word in every sentence and then wonder why we yell at him… Brandon and his unique ability to become “bitter” at a moments notice! *laugh* Brandon as his ability to know everything.. for some damned reason. Bob, and his passing out… too bad he missed that lady that one time… she deserved it. Brandon saying, “Bob! What are you doing here, you haven’t passed out yet..” and.. well… Bob passing out. Tony and his paper airplane wars. And of course Dave… “So, are you married?” “uh.. yes..” “Well.. . happily???” And of course, Brennon.. the “Not So L33t skript Kiddy!” The most picked on person in the whole place. 17 years old and going downhill. *grin*
Tonight was the last real day our team existed. As of 2am, the team has been broken up and dispersed. We all still work at the same place, and will prob end up sitting next to each other… but we’re still no longer a team. After all the time we’ve spent together, I’m sure going to miss it. We’re all pretty sure they disbanded us because we were the only team in the entire place that stuck together. We were the only one that fought for our rights, and each other. We were the only group, that actually called ourselves a team. Friends like that are rare to find, and even though I’m looking to leave the place now, I hope to always keep them around. Who knows.. maybe we’ll make our dream come true and really start our own ISP. Here’s looking at the future I guess. I’m going to take my Camera in sometime and get a picture.. when I do, I’m going to post it below. For even if we are disbanded, we’ll still live on here.

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