Sex? Heh.. And friends.

Ok, get this:

Congrats! In your life, you’ll have sex with

5 people!

And you’ll first have sex at age 24,
in your lover’s bed.

The info on your 5 future sex partner(s):
5 of them will be female
0 of them will be male
And you will actually love 2 of them!
As you get older, your tastes will change drastically.

*snicker* Oh joyous me! *laugh* Oh well… 2 years, huh? And I’ll only love two of them.. eek! And in her bed.. sugoi! lol

Today I made a realization… and it surprised me. I grew up being the boy.. beating up a couple kids for calling my sister a bitch… protecting those I cared about. And, I didn’t worry about those who attacked me because I’m the guy, I’m supposed to be able to take it. A little while ago, someone called me an asshole in front of my friends. I know it annoyed them, but they didn’t do anything about it. It didn’t bother me, because I didn’t expect them to. However, someone said something bad about me in front of Aubree, and she actually fought for me. I was amazed. I’d never had this done before… only maybe one or two of my male friends would even fight for me, and she did. It’s actually pretty cool.

Today was a fun day. I came home work early because Bob got us sent home for time off. (well.. because I hate the job…) So I enjoyed it. Spent some time with Aubree… Talked with Nagi a little bit… Nothing else really happened.

Anyways… I’m tired, so it’s bed time.



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