Repost for 18/19th

I haven’t had internet access for the last little bit, and it’s annoying both me and Tony. We think it’s because their doing construction on our street, but we’re still waiting to see the final verdict. I’ve already tried to check my mail, search for lyrics on a certain song, and upload stuff to my web server a few times now w/o even thinking about it. I’m going through withdrawal! Aigh! And worst of all, I haven’t been able to talk to Nagi. I can’t call her or anything, so I miss talking to her. It’s hard having a close friend living so far away… it’s even worst when you don’t have their phone number.

Actually, the last couple days haven’t been too bad. I’ve been hanging out with Aubree a lot, which has been lots of fun. I missed where the times we could just be ourselves around one another. Taunting each other, teasing, playing, etc. It’s been a long time since I could just hold someone and let the world fall away. I missed being in love… and I’ve really missed being loved back.

Today I went to a job interview. It started at one, and I ended up calling into work sick because I couldn’t get out until after four. But I think I got the job. It’s doing email tech support and it pays about $14/hr. It’s still nothing compared to what I got at Infotrax, but it’ll work until I can find a real job. I hope it’s soon. I’m just glad I don’t have to be on the phones anymore.

After that, I went to pick up Aubree from work since I wasn’t at work myself, and we drove to my moms house. (The CD Rom in her computer died and she needed a new one installed… easy job.) My moms a riot! *laugh* I introduced Aubree as my girlfriend and she said, “It’s about time you start admitting it, you’ve only been together constantly for the last two years.” *snicker* Hey, I’ve always loved her! I got to the point where I could not feel it, but it involved not being around Aubree at all and thinking she hated me. I still couldn’t be around her and her ‘boys’ though. Although, actually having her is like a wish come true. I’m glad I have her. She’s making me remember life, and it’s great.

… Now, I just need to pay off my car, move into my new apt for reals, and get a super cool job. Maybe buy a motorcycle… Build my own house.. go back go school for my BS degree… Become fluent in Japanese.. hmm… goals goals goals.. We’ll see.

Anyways… since I can’t go online, I’m just going to watch some Anime and go to sleep.. Ayashi no Ceres sounds good.. only 4 eps left. *grins* Tomarrows going to be a big day. I need to go to another interview (Second of three to get this job) and turn in my app at another place that’s hiring system admins/programmers. (*hopes*) And tomorrow night, I’m going to see Queensryche! *hops* Steve got me a ticket like three months ago, so I’ve been waiting for a while. The really cool thing is, me and Aubree were talking about trading our up close ticket and getting a couple together when Steve calls Aubree. I took the phone and was like “TOMARROW!” he was like Yea, and dude.. one of the group bailed so we have an extra ticket. So Aubree gets to come with us after all. The coolest part was him calling right in the middle of talking about it. Talk about timing!

Anyways, got to be at the interview in 11 hours and I still got Ayashi no Ceres to finish, so Goodnight! 🙂

Loves and stuff!
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