I’m in lots and lots of pain right now.. and it sucks. One of the problems with living on your own… you are required to pay and do everything for yourself… well, I need my wisdom teeth removed, and I don’t have the money nor the insurance to have it done… and I won’t until the new job starts. Well, anyways, my wisdom teeth are crushing the rest of my teeth, and I think it’s actually broke one of my teeth, which is the one in pain. The worst part is it happens Friday night.. so I have to live until Monday morning to see a dentist. I’m actually going to call a dentist and see if something can be done on Sunday. I’m hoping, since I haven’t slept in two days now because of the pain. *sigh* When something starts to get better, there is always something to bring it down. Oh well, soon I’ll have good enough insurance to get it all fixed and I won’t have to worry about it anymore.. soon… soon… *waits patiently*

Nothing new has happened. Aubree’s in California, and I’ve missed work due to my teeth. We had a gaming party which was fun but I gave up early because of them.. I can handle pain.. just not constant hurting pain. *sigh* Oh well, I’ll live. I hope…

Unless the dentist gives me codeine, then I won’t have to worry about anything anymore.. great, ne?

Well, lets see what happens…


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