Love and Angels, Cali and the ocean! Whee!

Dhael: Besides, I love you. That’s nuts, huh?
Strider: Really?
Dhael: Yea, are you surprised?
Strider: Kinda.. yea.

*sigh* Yet another good friend of mine tells me she loves me. I have so many people that love me, and my heart it still trying to remember what love is. Nagi’s a awesome teacher though, so it’s learning fast, but everyone else.. I know I care a lot for them… Aubree… Dhael.. but… I can’t really return the love. But it really doesn’t matter right now… I’ll stay true to Nagi… I might date other girls, but that’s just for fun… I only love one. I hope I’ll be able to talk to her today because it might be the last day I can talk to her until I get back from my trip. One thing though, thank you very very much… Nagi, Aubree and Dhael. You guys make me feel loved, and that’s what keeps me going. Same goes for Lacee, Alyssa, Grapes, Amber, Kimmy, Niffer, Midnight, Staryaten, Malady, Bailey, Kalika.. Hell, even Nick, Brandon, Tony, and Bob make me feel loved as a great friend. I know I’m missing some people too.. and it’s just because I’m tired! It’s great friends that keep me going… even if it’s only Kimmy telling me that I need to hurry to Nagi’s or miss out on the cheesecake! Anything that makes me smile. And don’t forget about me! I don’t plan on driving off the road on the way to/from cali, but I’m not sure how Dannons driving is….. (hehe.. j/k, we’ll be fine!! Don’t worry 😉

Anyways, the trip should be fun.. it goes as followed: We’re leaving Tuesday about noonish to three pm, and stopping in Vegas to have a little fun… ie: Roller coasters on top of HUGE buildings and Bob wants to go to some star trek convention. Who knows, Maybe I’ll spend a few bucks and try to get more for the Expo… Anyways, after that we’re going to drive to Long Beach. We’ll probably get there sometime Wednesday morning. After that, we’ll probably get our camp spot, buy the expo tickets, and either sleep, or go hang out at the beach. (I’m not spending four days at Long Beach without getting in the ocean! The next four days will be spent at the Anime Expo, and then who knows.. I paid for a couple extra days at the campsite, so hopefully we can have a couple extra days spent walking the beach or exploring California. I know a couple girls who say they want to come visit me, but I doubt that will happen. If I get ahold of Josh I want to hang with him for a bit too. Who knows. Then we’ll come back and I’ll party until Friday when I need to get back to work.

That’s another thing.. I hope I get job offers when I get back… if I have to go back to MSN, I’ll prob take my sword and let everyone know how much I hate it! (j/k) Just a good programming job… C++ or PHP! That’s all I ask! *begs to the heavens*

Anyways.. Tonight, while searching web pages, I came across this page of a girl named Angyl. Besides having very pretty eyes, she also writes beautifully. One poem she wrote touched me a bit, and I wonder if Nagi could have written it word for word… Here it is: Over & Over You can also look at her main page here. She’s proof that there really is intelligent life in Canada! (Just kidding! *prepairs to get attacked by Niffer*) Also, I know she hates people stealing stuff from her page, but I have to repeat the quote she has on her front page…

An angel is an intelligent essence, always in motion.
It has free will, is incorporeal, protects humans, and has been bestowed with immortality.
Only the Creator understands its true nature.

Very beautiful, and very true. Ne, boku no tenshi? Anyways, I’m going to bed now. Another day down, and another one to go. Until tomarrow, I guess. 🙂 I love you all!

Also, I let Angyl know about this, and if she objects, the links and stuff to her page will come down. Just in case anybody cares, I really do respect stuff like that. 🙂

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