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I wasn’t expecting anything to happen tonight… I was totally just expecting on getting home from the Anime Expo, talking to Nagi to way early into the morning… and falling asleep. Instead, I go to a park with Aubree to talk… agree to date her for the time being, and watch the world blow up around me. Now I’m stuck wondering what to do. I care for Aubree, but I just can’t find the love I once felt for her… and now I love Nagi, even though she’s half a world away and me with no way to really get to her… Me just wondering… My heart hurts right now and I don’t know if there is a way to comfort it. Hopefully, I can get into my own place.. and get some money saved up. After that, who knows where I’ll go. Heaven and hell are but a step away….

Anyways… I would rather talk about happy stuff right now…
The Anime Expo!!!
I dressed as two characters while down there.. a cat-boy samurai from some Manga I read somewhere on my computer… and Roruni Kenshin. Another Samurai… I’ll put the pics up once their developed. The coolest thing of the whole trip was probably meeting Kikuko Inoue. She sang for us twice! I so love her! Here is some info on her from the Anime Expo guest page.

She is best known for her roles as Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess! OVA, TV, & Movie), Tendou Kasumi (Ranma 1/2), Lune Venus (El Hazard OVA & TV), and Panther (Saber Marionette J). In addition she has recently made guest appearances in the popular shows such as Vandread, Inu Yasha, and Gatekeepers. Ms. Inoue is currently voicing the roles of Ginebia Green (Argent Soma), Melissia (Mahou Senshi Ryui), Suzuhara Higiko (Angelic Layer), and Awayuki Natsue (Shin Shirauki Hime Densetsu Pretear); all of which are currently airing in Japan.

*drool* Click here for a really good pic of Belldandy 🙂 Anyways, I’ll get pics up with her too. Here is the main AMG page btw.

I also met, and got the signature of Makoto Uno. He’s the one who designed and drew the characters for Love Hina, another one of my favorite shows. That was cool.

Other than that… I swam in the Ocean for my very first time…. all I have to say is, it tastes like shit. I think I like the pool better. Lets see… at the first dance, I had one girl ask me if I wanted to get laid, and another ask if I wanted sex on the beach. (I know, and she wasn’t talking about the drink.) That was quite….. interesting. *grin* We hung out a lot of people dressed up as really cool stuff.. watched a lot of Anime Music Videos (Which I need to get mine turned in for next year….) Um.. we hardly slept down there and only ate tacos and sandwiches!.. Watched the Masquerade… talked to people in Japanese… Bought a bunch of stuff… including: Three wall scrolls (Lain, Love Hina, and Ayumi Hamisaki), love hina and Kimagure Orange Road cd’s, the Madoka book by Takada (KOR Drawings), The slayers Try box set, and Vampire princes Miyu DVDs. That was basically all my $300 could afford. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find a InuYasha or Ayashi no Ceres wall scroll.. Quite Sad.

Anyways, right now I’m dying from lack of sleep… so I’ll write more tomorrow and get anything I missed out on. Ja!


会いしてるほんとよ! いつも。

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