Current things are too hectic right now, so I’m going to overlook them.. and.. anything pertaining to girls… because right now I’m too confused as it is about them.

They’re repainting my apartment and cleaning the carpets, so I should be able to move in pretty soon. My mom asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told her a couch or a table.. something for the new place. She’s going to help me get dishes and silverware so I can actually eat. Funny thing is, I haven’t even thought about getting a microwave. So far, the only reason I used one here was to make Quesadias for a snack. I like cooking real food too much that I don’t use it. Tony doesn’t like real food me thinks, he never eats anything I make so I have leftovers. Ah well, more food for me! *laugh* I’m going to need to get a washer/dryer soon as well, and I’m not looking forward to another big investment. Perhaps I’ll use my moms until I get my car paid off.. then I’ll have a extra $250/month and I’ll be doing ok. Only other thing I need is an entertainment center. Tony has one that fits my tv actually really well… and almost all I have seen in the past have been too small. (heh, yes, I’m nuts.. I bought a 36″ tv just to watch anime on.. I don’t watch real tv…) That reminds me.. my tv kinda broke in the move.. now to turn it on, I need to unplug it and plug it back in.. and to turn it off, I push the action button. Can’t change the channel or anything else. Stupid tv. At least it’s on the Video 1 station so I still get my computer video out though it. The repair men come on Thursday to fix it though, so it’s not really a problem I guess.
Lets see…. I also need to go back to school. I still don’t know whether to finish my degree in Computer Science or Programming. I’ll most likely opt to do the science one because it does cover programming, and I’ll just arrange classes so I can cover the advance programming sessions as well. At least I can be sure I’ll get easy A’s. 🙂 Oh yea.. and I need to go take that half a class to get my Associates degree… Stupid teacher.. (long story) I also need to take Japanese. I no longer have Nate to teach me at work, and it’s been to hectic lately to do my own sessions. Maybe I’ll hire Nagi to teach me…. heh.

I really need to find out how much I have left on my car. Once I get that paid off, I should be ok money wise. I need to save money for the trip to Georgia too. I NEED A NEW JOB! Argh! Ah well.

And looking further into the future, I see myself as a super cool super rich game programmer with a nice house, beautiful wife, kids, and a hammock. And a flame thrower.. I always wanted a flame thrower. *grin* j/k… a Porsche however.. hmmmmmm

Anyways, bed time! Ahhh.. it’s nice being happy again. I wonder how long it’ll last this time.

bai bai!


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