Back at work… *sigh*

The net was down for most cable-internet users in the area, so I was offlline for the night, and because I don’t have a modem I was unable to get online. *sigh* Oh well.. Here I am, as miserable as ever. Back at work. It’s really strange.. I actually find myself sighing everytime it beeps to tell me I have a call. People ask me why I keep this job if I hate it so much, but it really does pay alright for the valley. I know I can get a job that pays more though, so I am going job searching tomarrow… but until I get it, I have a new appartment I need to pay for… furniture to put in it, and my car to pay off. Right now I can’t do much else. And aside from that.. I need plane tickets, money for a place to stay.. a rental car.. gas… ugh. I need money! So I endure the job and sigh every time I take a call. Hopefully it’ll end soon. I’ve found Nagi… friends again with Aubree… have my own appartment… things HAVE to be getting better. Here’s going for the future!

Also.. just curious… if everytime you laugh, an angel gets it’s wings…. is the opposite the same? “Everytime someone sighs, a devil gets it’s pitchfork!” If so, I’m a mass factory for pitchforks! Whee! But it’s ok, I need to keep laughing, because I want Nagi to get wings and fly out here… (it would be funny to see her fly only 5 feet off the ground because she scared of heights though… Some angels are funny that way… 😉

Oh well.. *sigh* another call… lets see what the future brings, shall we? Wish the best for me, I can use the help! 🙂

Until later…


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