Today was a generally good day. At work I was still annoyed as all hell, but I got over it. The worst part was the project manager telling me “I need to keep my sites to work related material.” Sure, I can understand that somewhat, but I was on break and reading MegaTokyo. So, now I can’t even read my favorite comic at work! *growl* I said I didn’t care and went back to reading it. The only reason I still have the job is for money until Ebay training starts. I didn’t need the extra stress.

Anyways, after work I came home and watched a couple episodes of Magic Knights Rayearth Season 2. So far it’s pretty good, we’ll see what happens. After watching a couple episodes, I turned around and who would appear, Nagi! She just got back from her vacation to Cali, and it appears the info I was given was incorrect. (Her hiding from me… etc) I’m just happy she’s still willing to be my friend after all I put her through. She’s becoming friends with her ex again, and so she’s happy and I’m glad. It’s really good to see her happy again. I’ve missed that side of her.

Anyways, after that I went outside and practiced some of my martial arts. I really need to get back into it. I’ve been watching a few videos and learning some extra Kata’s so I think I’ll be able to impress them. Also, I was only a test away from my Purple belt… (which is really cool because at purple belt you start focusing on weapon forms and you get to wear the black gi!) For those who don’t know, the belt colors for Shaolin Kempo go like this: white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, brown and black. I was basically orange belt. Half way to black too.. I REALLY need to get back in… I have dreams of having to register my hands as lethal weapons… and participating in weapon matches…. *dream* The few Kata’s I know with my katana are cool enough, but getting good enough to do two person combat katas… That’s my dream right there. Ahh, money.. just need more money.. *whine*

After that, I spent the remainder of the night reading Adobe Premeire tutorials. I can now do picture in picture video, cross videos, all kinds of transitions, and I know lots of little shortcuts that I REALLY could have used when I made my last Music Video. Things like stretching a video clip so it fits in a space w/o just adding extra video to it… etc. With my new arsenal of Knowledge my new video will rock! I just better hurry, I need to stay one ahead of Bob or he won’t be one of my faithful followers anymore! Egads! Heel boy! I said heel! Aaiaiighgghh!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow as well. First of all, Aubree comes back from California. I wonder if she ended up going to Disneyland or just the other theme parks.. *shrugs* I miss her… I’m thinking of vegging on her front porch just so I’m there when they show up. But then again, I doubt she’ll want to see me after a 8 hour drive… (I know I felt pretty groggy after that… 😉 Oh well.. I can wait a extra hour or so for her to call me. After that I’m probably going to GM for the Role Playing campaign today…


I have a really cool adventure planned. I’ve been thinking of fun things all day. Basically, the groups going to have to find themselves to the dwarven and elven hometowns. If this isn’t hard enough for them, they have a nice little extra trouble… the winged elves and the sea elves. I’m not going to let them choose their own pace like I have been doing in the last little bit. If they sit around now, they’re going to be attacked… and pretty soon, they won’t win. The clues will be there, and they’re going to have to think about how to get there. Also, if they don’t make an active role in searching for stuff, they’re not going to survive. If I mention a piece of paper, and they ignore it, they lose their clue. That easy. People thing role playing is just going out and killing stuff… well, I try to make it so you think more than you fight. If you don’t plan a good strategy for a fight, you’ll get hurt. If you don’t think, you won’t win. They seem to like when I give them riddles in order to pass certain places, so I’ll throw more of that stuff at them. (I still love how it took my little brother five minutes to figure out how to open a door by rearranging the letters “PEON”. *snicker* 🙂 Anyways, we’ll see if they can outwit me. *cackle* Good luck!

<<<<<<<<<<<<< Ok, you can read again bob. :) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Well.. This is an extremely long post for such a small day, so I’m going to go to bed. It’s already getting light outside. Wow.. morning. People think programmers never know what morning looks like.. and they’re wrong! It’s Noon that we don’t comprehend. 😉

Anyways, Oyasuminasai! Hope you enjoyed reading and waiting a few more minutes of your time…
Oh yea, just curious.. how many people actually read all of these? *grin*

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