Trust, lust, and more catchicks!

Trust is a strange issue.. one that’s been questioned a lot around here lately. I’ll say a few things on it. One, no friendship or relationship will work without it… Two, Trust takes forever to build, and only a suspicion, not even hard facts, to lose it… Three, you need to trust yourself before you can ever hope to trust anyone else. And finally, you need to be true to everyone if you expect even one person to trust you.

Anyways, today was interesting. I didn’t even draw any blood today… unless you count me bleeding from slicing my hand open yesterday… I don’t. πŸ˜‰ And yet another weekend has passed. I have to go into work tomorrow, oh how I dread the thought! Beforehand though, I need to go get my check, pay my car payment, and hide the rest of the money. Otherwise it’ll prob end up gone before the trip next week rolls around. It’ll be good if I ever remember to make lunch before work also… I always remember as I pull up to work.. it’s annoying. πŸ™‚ I also need to pull my kendo uniform out and get it cleaned up so I can wear it at the Anime Expo. The costumes should be cool… I’m going to try to get together with Lacee before hand to have her ‘critique’ them. She has a good concept of anime art and cosplay so she should have some good advice.

I really didn’t get to do that much else today. Went role playing at Dannons, and was kinda bored. Bob had a good campaign planned, it’s just.. I’m not into the wargames. The whole session was one big battle, and while my catchick can kick anyones ass, it gets boring for me. I like playing the ones that solve riddles, and finds the best way out of a challenge. Hell, even just annoying the rest of the group with all my “Nyaaaa!”‘s and meows. And yesh, it tis fun to talk like a cat chick.. *purr* *grin* I never get to use “Yesh” enough either. Nyaaaa is always a favorite for strange situations though. And the best part of the night.. Alex started playing and he was playing a cat/dog-boy.. looks like a cat-boy though. So of course my character fell in love with his. *grin* Ah yesh, the sparking love relationship between me and Alex.. but believe me.. IT’S PURE FICTION!!! *grin* I’ll run screaming and hide behind Hailey if any of you suggests otherwise…. hmm.. maybe I’ll do it anyways…

Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! Hailey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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