The most perfect wedding

The perfect wedding… I had this planned out, and also had some help from Hailey on choosing most of it… First of all, it has to be outdoors… that’s a must! My dream place has always been on a cliff that had either forest or an ocean behind it. That would be the most beautiful thing in the world I think… except for her of course. 🙂 If that’s not available, then maybe in front of a lake or something like that in the woods. If that still doesn’t work, then in a big backyard or something like that. Hailey says she’ll have six brides maids, so I would have to have six grooms men. I can do that. Eric will be the best man. 🙂
Anyways, the place would be beautiful. Most of this is all my vision. A great view.. maybe a ice sculpture, glass fountain, or something similar.. Lots of people… and the podium.. a big white arch with angels and vines on it… hopefully with the ocean in the background. With her there, there could be nothing more beautiful in the world. Nothing at all.
Afterwards, we would have the reception. A band would be playing and they would play of us to dance. I would take her hand, and lead her in the first dance of the night. Afterwards everyone would dance and we would have a great day!
And then for a honeymoon. Either Hawaii or Japan. Still not sure on that one. This would be the most beautiful day in my life and I would have the most beautiful woman in the world. Thus is my dream, and thus I look forward to the future. I hope this dream comes true.

I love you Hailey.

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