Role playing and Cat Chicks ;)

Hello again my faithful followers. Please raise your hands in praise of me and send me all your money while your at it. 😉

Ahh, I’m tired. Feeling kinda sluggish too. It’s been a while of the last two weeks that I haven’t been able to climb at all over a weekend, cursed weather. And so the mountain may go on for another week before it feels my vengeance. *evil grin* Ahh, so be it. And tomorrows payday so I can’t go to the gym either. Need to get the check in the bank before the DMV deposits my checks. Oh yea, and the ZCMI. I bought 5 new boxers and a new belt… (Have no clue where my other belt went…) Oh well. The new boxers will be a nice change…. and besides, perhaps I’ll find a hot chick at the AnimeExpo this year who will get to see them 😉 Ahh, I dream too much.
As for the DMV, hehe… pretty soon I’ll have license plates that say “Strider” and as of today, my car is fully in my name. No more of this going through mom stuff. And at the current rate, it’ll be paid off in no time! Ahh! Things look up!

Today… today.. Besides registering my car, I went role playing with my friends… started a really cool character too. *hehe* It’s a futuristic campaign kinda shadowrun based (as in cyber implants, androids, computers in your head, and all that fun stuff.) I’m just a normal bio-enhanced cat girl who can jump 50 feet in the air and throw a car if she wants. She’s basically a thief (sneaking/poisons, hacking, etc) with the ability to become the tank (person who kicks all the ass). After running my own campaign for a while it’s cool to be playing again… although we go back to my campaign next week. I have a huge underwater city for them to find. We’ll see if they live of not. *rubs his hands together while grinning evilly* Ahh, the best part about role playing, is you get to write a story, but your not the only one writing it. You have to fill in for others stupid mistakes, and they fill in for your own. You also get to deal with stuff you never thought would happen…. example.

Tanyella, my cat chick, was inside a army control room tonight. Bob, the Game Master, decided he would give me something to hack, so suddenly a face appears on the monitor and sticks his tongue out at me. Well, instead of hacking it, I pulled a gun and shot the computer. *laugh* He was kinda drawn back, but it was pretty funny. Only bad part is, w/o the hacked info, we’re going to be a little worst off in the future of the game. *shrug* But still, I always wanted to shoot a computer that was mocking me. 😉

Oh yea, I’m going to be writing this whole campaign into a story. I’m doing it just for fun. Just know, I wrote this really quickly while waiting for other people to finish their characters, so I KNOW there are a lot of misspellings and shit… complain and I’ll shoot your monitor! 😉 So that said, if you want to read the story so far, check it out: Tanyella the Cute little Cat Chick!. So far it’s just the prologue… I’ll prob enter in the gaming day tomorrow at work.. depends on how bored or busy we are. *shiver* Work.. ugh I hate that word.

One last thing… while I was buying stuff at ZCMI, I met with this girl named Lacee. She’s pretty cool… we started talking, and it looks like she’s going to the AnimeExpo as well.. 😉 We talked for a good while and I got her phone number. She came by and watched us play a little tonight, mainly looking through Bobs “How to draw Manga” books, but it was an ok night. All I have to say is she has a nonstop mouth on her. 🙂 She’s a cool person, but I doubt we’ll ever be anything more than friends. All my friends were urging me to go after her, but.. nah.. *laugh* Bob said he might go after her then.. *grin* Go Bob! All I have to say is, she’s not the angel I’ve been waiting for. *shrug* And still yet, I wait.

Anyways, until next time!
And as last words, I’ll post something that most of you can’t read, but to the one who should be able to.. *grin* It’s for you.

Your Heart tashikametai
Believe fureta tubi o
True Love hajimete dakara
hoo ga atsuku moeru

Onna no ko wa koi shitara
Akai Kuchibeni mo hitsuyoonai
Nemurenakute sugoshitemo
Yume bakari miteru
Omou kimochi dake afurete iru

Onna no ko wa dare datte shiawase ni nareru
Ai ga minagireba muteki ni naru
Tatoe namida nagashite mo anata no sei nara
Mune o itamete mo yasashiku naru


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