Quick update on my day…

Today was an all right day. I was GM for a roleplaying game where I took the group to explore a sunken city and into the bowels of a ancient temple. They were supposed to find all kinds of cool stuff down here, but, well, they didn’t. It took forever for the group to even get started, and the little part of the dungeon that we did do went forever. We finally finished about 5am this morning. Ah well, almost killed Bob again, that was a plus. *grin*
Also, Lacee was there, which was kinda cool. She really looked pretty tonight too. And she has a very good gift for drawing. I’m kinda jealous of that one… I’ve always wished to be a better artist. Ahh well. Aubree and Alex showed up too. Aubree was mad that I kinda destroyed her character after her not showing up for the last month (only making it to one session so far, aside from the two hours tonight…) It was also kinda interesting, she seemed to be a lot nicer to me than normal.. hugging me and stuff. I wonder if it was to scare off Lacee or what. *shrug*
Anyways, I need to be awake in 6 hours, so I’m making this really short. Just to give you something to read, I’m including another rant of mine from long past I actually wrote this because of a girl named Morgan Ames. Another one of my short lived crushes. We had a party one night, and we had lots of people sleeping at one house, she was one of them, and I wrote this while she was sleeping.. just watching her. Enjoy.

Why does beauty
so pure so true
have to be so red tinted

Love always precedes the pain
Isn’t that how it always goes?
Why can’t I just reach out to her
Caress her heart to sooth my own
She sits so close angelic beauty
yet she’s not mine, nor any man
For such a heart roams free
The shackles of love would hold her down
Her wild heart, once chained now dances in freedom
Tis not my pleasure nor my power to take that away
yet still, there she sits, My angel on such a night
Hair on shoulders, eyes closed in nights blissful sleep
Shall I reach out a hand and take hers?
Nay, I do not possess the will to do so..
I will not awaken her from her dreams,
Her heart plays free in the confines of her mind
Yet could her troubles be chasing her
And my gentle touch to more good than evil?
Alas, my soul burns with envy
My arms burn for her touch
yet dream or mare I do not know
Maybe not ever, for such will is only in the possession of hero’s
And a hero is not what am I.

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