Politics, religion, and .. something else, I can’t recall though.

Yup, politics, religion, and something I can’t recall.. three things you never talk to your good friends about… Today I proved this. Me, Nate and Tony got into a conversation about politics, drugs, etc. And… well, Nate being the open minded, and very loud open mouthed person he is, proclaimed, “I hate cops! Their all mother fucking dickheads! I want to take them out back and beat their heads in!” Well, uh.. go Nate? Actually, I don’t agree with him, but that’s Nate for you.

Just to let you know… I LOVE to speed, and I do it all the time. My license plate has a boarder that says, “You can have me, IF you can catch me.” Normally people can’t catch me… Strangely enough, I’ve only gotten one ticket in my life… perhaps I’m just more careful than most. My point however is, I have had my run ins with them. I’ve almost been sent to jail because of hacking, and at the time, I also hated cops. I had a cop tell me to “drop my stick!” when me and some friends were walking around at about 2am with a couple walking sticks. We were annoyed, and most of that was directed at the cop.

My feelings about cops. They’re needed. Cops don’t roam the streets to catch speeders, they’re out there to protect us. Yes, you will find some “bad” cops, but excluding these, most cops got their job because they wanted to protect and help us. When I go flying down a residential street doing 60, I always slap myself and slow down. Not because there might be cops. Cops are nothing more than a small deturant because they MIGHT be there, but normally aren’t. I slap myself because I remember a conversation I heard a while ago… “Damn speeder! What if he hits a kid?” “Well, when he does, he won’t speed anymore.” I was horrified by this.. because I always think, what if the first kid that speeder hits is my kid? What then? If I hit a kid, I would never forgive myself. I would serious begin to doubt how I could keep going knowing I took some kids life away… yet I still speed. Why? I can’t say. Perhaps just the hope I won’t hit one, yet I know that’s not a worthy answer. And I don’t have a answer… I just can’t get my mind to realize how much that would destroy me… or perhaps it just can’t see past the joy of flying down the street. I don’t know.

But for now, I’m glad we have cops to keep us safe. Same goes for all the armed forces. I would hate to see the streets with no protection or law. Myself and my kids, when they come along, if they do. And I’ll work on driving slower, but I doubt I’ll listen to myself for too long, just pray I don’t hit anything… please.

Until later…
~ Matt

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