My Day.. more blood…

Todays was a generally interesting day. I won’t go into a lot of it because it involves others personal lives, and I would rather stay out of that. Lets just say it’s a issue of trust. Without it, nothing will work. With it, you can live through anything anybody might say because you know in your heart they won’t lie to you. Their problem is they don’t trust. You can’t lie to one another… never. I would NEVER lie to Hailey. If I lied to her, I would be lying to myself. I wouldn’t love her. That’s just how it goes. True love: Trust, communications and love. Maybe in that order, maybe not. Once they realize this, I think they’ll be better off. And if you did lie, it would be best to tell the truth than always live hiding it. And doubting each other.

Anyways.. this morning, we went rock climbing. It was a old route I’ve done long in the past. I lead the route, and didn’t fall at all… I climbed the route twice. Now…. afterwards however.. While I was pulling the rope down, and well.. to do it, I run up the rock face, grab the rope, and let my weight pull it down.. anyways, on one pull it dropped a lot faster than I expected.. and I did a back flip. 🙂 Bloodied my elbow, and scraped myself up pretty good.. *sigh* Again, I kill myself OFF the mountain… how lame!

Afterwards, I came home, and tore my car apart. Looked at the leaky radiator and tried to fix the broken passenger side chair. I was lucky to find enough tools to do it, however… I couldn’t figure out the problem with the chair. The radiator is going to be difficult. It’s not even a year old! Damned firestone. *sigh* Oh well.. I guess I’ll be fixing that too as soon as I get more money. Money money money… I hate how life is run on money. *sigh* The worst part of this whole day is I was only able to speak to Hailey for like ten minutes… I soo miss her…

Oh yea.. and another REALLY sucky thing.. I cut my hand open on my Katana today.l.. first time I’ve EVER done it accidentally… (Yes, accidentally.. I did cut my hand once before just to .. kinda.. join with the sword.. old Japanese tradition hacked to my dream…) A great slice across the back of my hand… took two bandaids to keep it quiet. *sigh* I love that Kana too, it looks so cool… and I have to cut myself.. *cry* I think I’m losing my touch.. and all my blood.

Anyways, afterwards we went to ReiKei… it was interesting. One thing that everyone seemed to feel on me, however, is a hollowness in my heart. I’m not sure quite what they meant, but they said it was a sphere of anti-energy. Either I have a shield up to protect myself, or whatever, I don’t know.. I’ll explain it in a friends post… I miss Hailey dearly.

Afterwards, I came home, ate something, and now I’m going to sleep. If there is any justice in the world, I’ll see her in a dream.
Until then, waiting for my angel… Forever waiting…

Also, is 2144.0 miles too far to go for an Angel? It would be a sucky drive, but here it is! Think I can make that in a day? Hmm… Maybe airfare would be cheaper. Anyways.. good night.

Also, Lacee drew me my catchick! *grin* She’s so cute too! Tanyella! *purr* Check it out here. Here is the main page to that. Enjoy!

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