My day.. fun?

I hate when I feel this way… headache, really tired, and hurting from some pain or another, waiting for Hailey, and wondering about the future. The tired part is understandable, and I look forward for the bed and sleep I have waiting for me… The headache will go away, most likely when I go to sleep. I think it started when Nate started smoking… sometimes I wonder if the reason I get sick so quickly around Cigarettes is because of my personal feelings on it are so extreme, or if I’m allergic to the smoke. I doubt the second because smoke from campfires don’t bother me at all, but even a few breaths of cigarette smoke makes me sick on one fashion or another. Normally my stomach hurts… but I guess it doesn’t matter too much. I don’t really date girls who smoke, and if they do I just ask them not to do it around me. And no kiss… I really can’t stand kissing a girl who smokes. As for the pain.. it’s just because I’m clumsy. I’ll get more into me falling on the mountain in a bit. And the waiting, that doesn’t bother me… I’ll wait forever if I have to. As for the wondering about the future, that’s just me, you should know that by now… no cure for that one. 😉

Anyways, my day. Woke up and picked up Nick, Tony and my little bro, Daniel. We rented shoes for Daniel and Tony because it was their first climb, but unfortunately, Daniel couldn’t use them… he had to be at work, and because it was a brand new route, by the time we found it, got it set up, and actually got to the point where we could climb, he was already late. He did get to go repelling, so that was good. I promised him I would take him climbing to one of the routes I know next week just to make sure he can do it and get to the top. Anyways, after he left, we went from the 5.7 we were going to do for the beginners, and did a 5.9. It was a little tough, but I was able to ascend it pretty easily twice… (I would have gone another if we had more time.) The rest of the team only went once, but I was really impressed with Tony. He had trouble going up it, but finally made it to the top. Not bad for a first time climber. A 5.9 even! *clap*
Oh yea, and here is the best part… We went up Parleys Canyon, and took a new route there, as I mentioned. Anyways, we ended up at the top of the route and had to climb down a REALLY steep trail to get to the bottom… well, anyways, we climbed down, and set it up… this is when we were repelling… Well, Tony and Daniel were at the top getting ready to repel, and I was running up to make sure they were doing it right. Well, I found it’s hard to sprint up a steep trail as the rocks I was running on shifted and sent me rolling back down the hill. I tore the skin off a couple fingers as I stopped myself, and scraped myself really good all over my body. And I wasn’t even climbing! Again, I so disappoint myself.. *grin* It’s MSN I tell you! All day sitting in a chair, never allowed to move. My brain is eroding and my muscles are atrophying! They’re going away, and it’s all MSN’s fault. *grin* I so need a new job.

After climbing, we went back to Tony’s and decided to go scouting chicks… so after showers and beautifying ourselves *laf* we played video games. *laugh* Then went to Nates house… where I got sick… went to Dee’s and had shakes and cheese fries *yummy* and sat outside talking with random people. We also watched this lady slam into a “Divided road” sign as she found the.. divide in the middle of the road. It was great, turned too fast, went over the island, and slammed right into the sign. *grin* We then watched her speed away and turn into a parking lot down the road. We wanted to pick up the sign and chase her with it, but none of us had the energy.

The trip to Cali is in less than 2 weeks away! Also, I’m looking for a job around Tallahassee Florida… if anyone has any insights, let me know. Someday I’ll make it to my dream. Someday I hope. And still I sit Waiting.
Waiting for a star to fall… and carry your heart into my arms.. yea that’s where you belong in my arms, baby yea…

Anyways, I’ll wait for a little longer, and go to sleep.
Until tomorrow…

This isn’t really a poem… just some ideas written in prose… hope you like them.

A Goddess sits on the throne and waits
For the world is not hers
She is just a protector, a watcher
A granter of wishes
A guardian of years.

She sits and she wonders
Why she cares so
The world does not remember her
They lost her one yesterday
off in the time flow.

So she cries and she ponders
Can she save a world as this
for evil roams everywhere
burning in the hearts of man
spread with the devils kiss

A Goddess sits on her throne
watching a stolen place
the years keep coming
yet she keeps smiling
As the tears roll down her face.

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Writer, Programmer, Astronomer, Dreamer, Wisher, Fighter. Always striving to be better than I was.
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