Memories and my day.

I just finished the Anime series, “Serial Experiment Lain” and am still in that after series glow. You know the feeling you get when you finish a great book? Something where you watched the characters grow and they became friends to you. That’s whats so great about anime… you actually become to love the characters and you start to feel for them. Love and hate… joy and pain. It’s a good series… I’ll have to buy it for myself someday. Although it did bring up a good point…
Memories. They are who we are, what we are, and why we are. If NOBODY remembered you, who would you be? Nobody… We are all just memories in others, and will be after we die. I’m sure there are people who have lived but nobody remembers them, so who are they? Without a single memory, can you really justify they existed? So thank you all, it’s your memories that make me exist, and your what keeps me alive. You all help make me who I am, for without you, I really would be nobody.

As for the day, it turned out a lot better than I expected. I went to see Tomb Raider with Tony, and that was fun. The movies great… and no, not just because Angelina Jolie was in it, although she did give it flair, I give her that. The story was well written, and I enjoyed it because of that. I wonder if she’ll consider making another. My only request is they keep a good storyline, for without that, it’s just a pretty girl in another bad movie. And I hate those. 🙂
Afterwards, we went back to Tony’s to figure out what to do. After a enjoyable talk with my Angel online while thinking, we decided to call a couple girls, go up Big Cottonwood Canyon and build a fire in some camping spot. It actually turned out really well! Both girls were named Angie, strange enough, and they were both pretty cool. The Angie that went with Tony was interesting… filled with all kinds of small, interesting facts.. (While most were pretty useless, they were kinda interesting.) She’s a witch too, which is actually a pretty cool religion. Believes in Nature and a connection in all things… Anyways, the Angie that I was put with is Tony’s old girlfriends friend. *laugh* She was really cool though. We had a good conversation. I’m not sure if she liked me or not, but at least we got along ok. She didn’t talk too much about herself, so I don’t know that much, but who knows. It’s always nice to have another friend.

Anyways, I need to be up in 7 hours to go climbing, so I’m going to bed. I was hoping Hailey would appear sooner today, but it looks like I’ll have to find her later. Ah well, Until next time all.


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