Just a basic what’s up in my life.

Today was a generally cool day. I went hiking with Steve, Donnie, and Nick. Weather was too bad for climbing or anything, so hiking had to do. Sad part is, tomorrow is the last day this week I’ll be able to retry to climb that face, and if it’s still raining, I won’t be able to do it this week… and that would suck. Afterwards, we picked up Tyrel and Jake and went to see Evolution. While we were waiting for the movie to start, we played sepa in front of the building… ahh, almost the entire old high school group together. It was great. Almost got the number of one girl who worked for the theatre and started playing sepa with us, but she left too suddenly, and I didn’t see her after that. *shrug*
The most interesting part of the night was hanging out with Donnie and Tryel. I’ve seen Tyrel a few times since high school, and we were just like old days. Attacked each other instantly and jumped into each others arms screaming… it was great. (Me and him used to do the gay act pretty well, it’s hilarious. 😉 Donnie, however was totally different. She’s nothing like the quiet, shy, little girl I knew back at Olympus High. She was actually happy, and played with us. She kinda sucked at Sepa *laugh* but she was the first girl I’ve played with in a long time so I have lots of respect for her on that note. She has a boyfriend in some other city.. (Farther away than Georgia! I don’t feel that bad anymore… but I’m sure he’s her boyfriend too.. *snap* oh well. 😉 Anyways. I had lots of fun. Although, in my opinion, evolution sucked.. hehe. At least my friends were there to make it turn out ok. Again, I re-affirm my belief that you can make any experience enjoyable with the right mindset and the right people.

Now, I just need to get the rest of the trip to California planned out and work on finding a appt to move into when I get back. I’ve decided that I’m going to actually live on my own this time. Too many things can happen with roommates. Perhaps a nice towns home or something. I guess it depends on how much of my money I want to fork over. My car should be paid off soon, but my schools going to be there for the next forever… *sigh* I need a better job. Anyone hiring a old hacker who loves to program and write? Anyone? *peers around* *sigh* Ahh well, I guess I just have to look harder. I’m going to send my resume out across the US. If anyone offers me, I guess I’m moving. I guess it would be hard to leave my friends, but Utah is too familiar, I need something new. I’m getting too bored here. And I hate living in a messy house. I don’t even cook anymore because they eat all my food and the kitchen is always too messed from their dishes and stuff.. Hell, I’ve even eaten tuna sandwiches for the last week for lunch and dinner because of this. *sigh* They drank my milk too.. hehe.. I guess it’s something you pay for living with people, and I should complain too much, but that’s what this is for, just to get things off my chest. I pay $350 now, and most single bedroom places are around $500 to $800. So much for having enough extra money to buy books/anime/climbing gear, ne? *shrug* Again, another thing you have to deal with. I’ve been told by a dozen or so people that my resume is worth $60K a year, so I guess I just need to put myself in the right place.

Btw.. if anyone is in seeing my resume, click here. 🙂

Anyways, I’m going to wait a little while long for my angel and go to sleep. I’ll leave a mini poem I have for you. It was written by Edgar Allen Poe I believe. He used to use cryptography and send them to people to see if anyone could decipher them.. Quite a brilliant man he was. Enjoy.

The soul secure in her existence smiles at the drawn dagger and defies its point. The stars shall fade away, the sun himself grow dim with age and nature sink in years, but thou shall flourish in immortal youth, unhurt amid the wars of elements, the wreck of matter and the crush of worlds.

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