Blind date?

Hows this for new changes? A girl, whom I don’t know too much about, asked me out. She agreed to go hiking with me. And in all honestly, I’m surprised I accepted. I think I accepted just because I’ve had so many things on my mind about girls and stuff, and I just accepted to… accept. Oh well, any girl who likes to go hiking can’t be too bad, right? Only things are, she likes country music (her nicks even cowgirl) and she drinks… not sure about smoking, but we’ll see. The country thing doesn’t bother me too much as I do listen to some on my own, but not very much. 😉
There are a couple other girls that just appeared and talked to me… I’m kinda confused how this happened just all of a sudden, but perhaps there is some role I’m supposed to play. I have no problem getting girls to like me it seems at times, but when it comes to me liking a girl to the point where I want to hang out with them more than other friends, it’s really rare. I doubt this girl is the one, and besides, when you’ve seen an angel, it’s hard to compare.

And again I go back to my favorite saying, only time will tell… yesh.. only time will tell.
Well, I guess I’ll wait and see….
And here’s another poem a wrote a while ago… it does kinda fit with the subject… Just to give this entry a little more.. .. body?


I sit and I wonder
Why my body freezes so
Why my heart feels like ice
And this hollowness in my soul

I look and I wonder
About this beauty that I know
Why must my mind disobey
Why can’t I keep my heart in control

I sigh and I wonder
Or do I know the truth
Does my heart lie to me
Deny me of my proof

I live and I wonder
For whom do I live
For thee I’ll wait forever
To thee my heart I give

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