I wrote Eric today in what seems to be the first time in forever. Eric, for those who don’t know is my Brother. He’s in South America for a Mormon mission. I feel kinda bad because I write so little, but I’ll try harder in the future. It’s really strange, Sit me in front of this and I can write for hours about tons of subjects… but write him and I’m grasping for words, and often losing. Same is with Clint. I have yet to write him, but I will tomorrow… I hope. Again, another time when I’m stuck for words… Eric’s going to be married when he comes back ;0 and I’m not sure what’s going to happen to Clint. We’ll see I guess. Aside from that, nothing at all happened today. I couldn’t even talk to anyone on chat because we’ve had training at work and it’s kept me away from the computer. I loved being off the phones at work, but I dreaded the time away from Hailey. I haven’t spoken too her in the last couple days, and I REALLY miss her. I hope she’s ok… I’ve gotten a few messages from her saying she misses me too, and that makes it all the harder to wait. I’m going to bed somewhat early tonight so I can wake up earlier and hopefully talk with her before I have to go to work. I hope she’s on.

I’ve been given permission to stay at a friends house in the eastern United States, and I am really thinking of taking them up on the offer for a little bit. Possibly get a new job out east, and get a apartment in Georgia. I just need to get some things paid off real fast and I should be good to go. I’ll ask my dad if I can stay at their house for a month so I can put my whole check into paying stuff off. I also need to get my car fixed. The radiator started leaking again, when I’ve already had it fixed at Firestone twice. Perhaps it’s about time I take it somewhere else, or just do it myself. *sigh* I’m glad I’m not driving to California… that would be a bitch. Oh yea, speaking of the AX Concention, I’ll be dying my hair black for it. I’ve been told that I should go to a Salon to get it done because it’s so short.. which I might do just because I want the corners of my hair trimmed and straightened. Jenn said she’ll do it for me too, so I’ll just wait to see prices and then choose 😉
Lets see.. after paying off my car, school will be there for a lot longer, I just need to get used to that one… and I’ll be free to go wherever. *laugh* My step-mom heard about the program I applied for called JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) and was afraid I would leave w/o paying off my car… *chuckle* Aside from paying it off sometime this year, I doubt I would be lucky enough to be chosen to go to Japan. I’ve already been turned down from a couple jobs because of the whole “not knowing enough Japanese” thing… *sigh* Baka daiyo! *grin* Ok, so I can insult them, but other than that, they have a point. I really need to get Nate to pound it into me. My biggest problem is I just spend too much time doing other things I don’t get to Japanese or my webpage that often. *sigh* Oh well. I’ll just marry someone who knows Japanese and make them teach it to me… sound like a plan? *laugh* Hailey!!! er.. um.

Anyways, sleep early so I can see her tomorrow…… sleep… yes.. sleep good… yes……

Here is a poem I wrote really quick.. it’s not really very good, but I’m too tired to care more. *smile*

Asleep my body lays and waits
for your gentle touch of life
A kiss to wake me from my death
A cure away from the knife

Alone my soul wanders free
No body to hold it down
Searching for his goddess
in her angelic gown

Happy my heart rests
for it dreams of your embrace
And still I live in my dream
Where I can still see your face.

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