Boku No Tenshi (5:38:55pm) : maybe this is for the best……for us…I mean me and you…really I think it is. I don’t wanna hurt you, and you don’t wanna hurt me. The best way is to just let it go. But why do I feel like we have broken up?? I just don’t understand. Was my feelings toward you that strong? or is it another infatuation? who knows…but I guess time will tell. I just hate to leave each other like this. But I guess this is for the best
Boku No Tenshi (5:39:32pm) : I will miss you a lot

People say man dies a hundred times in his life. I’ve always wondered what that meant, and always figured it was just a figure of speech. Never before have I known the truth to it all. The soul is perhaps the strongest thing on the earth, but I’m surprised it can be so easily broken. Death comes to all I guess… but I’m not going to let her go so easily. *smile* We’ll see what happens.

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