World Fantasy – Day 2-4

Day one was fine, but after getting no sleep… the rest of the time pretty much killed me.  I like my 8 hours of sleep per night! 😛

The panels were mostly awesome.  There were a couple that made me wonder about the panelists.  I think a few authors felt that their way was the only right way.  This, of course, is BS.  Fantasy is the place where your allowed to break the rules.  You can create the world as you wish.  Oh well, overall the advice was well thought out and well presented.  The parties were awesome as well.  I was able to introduce myself to many other writers, aspiring writers, publishers, agents, editors, etc.  It was definitely a great experience.  While I don’t have a finished manuscript yet, it does give me faith that I can one day enter the ranks of a published author.

As for last night, I came home… tried to write but ended up going to bed early.  I’ll have to write extra tonight to catch up for NaNoWriMo, so off I go!

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