World Fantasy Day 1

World Fantasy was awesome today, and it wasn’t even the first full day.  I met a lot of really interesting people: writers, aspiring authors, publishers, people who just showed us because it looked fun.  The panels were really interesting as well.  There was one about Edgar Allan Poe’s influence on modern writing, which was interesting.  I met writer John Levitt who used to live in Salt Lake City, and moved to San Fran, and wrote urban fantasy.  (Which matches me pretty well: grew up in SLC, living in SJ, and writing urban fantasy.)  I also met Jeff and Ann VanderMeer at the opening ceremonies and was personally invited to their after party.  I stayed for the Google Books Settlement panel, which was very interesting… and then hung out at the parties.  Made a lot of new friends tonight, which I guess is the point of attending.  Now I’m eating cold pizza and drinking mint tea — I don’t know how those go together either but I ran out of bottled water in the house. :/  It’s almost 3am, and I need to be up by 9am if I want to make it for the opening panels.  If things keep going like they are now, this will be one of the best $200 ever spent on a convention!  (Oh, and not to mention all the SWAG they gave out… I’ll post more on this when I actually have time to go through the bag! 🙂

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