Yet I still live!

All right… so I’m sure you all want to know whats new. Hearing lots of big booms, but their all ‘controlled’… how an explosion can be controlled is beyond me… Either way, it’s not the enemy trying to blow me up, so that’s good. Work has been going good as well. I have all the computers on the network and I’m slowly resolving all the issues that arise. I enjoy it much more than anything else I’ve done out here. Then again, this is Iraq…

I also have news that makes me happy… if the plans come to fruitation anyways. At the moment I work out of a computer in the briefing room. This is bad because everytime there is a breifing, I have to leave. Also, this is the general break-room so there are always people walking through here, the tv is always on the sports channel, and the noise is always distracting. To remedy this, they’re going to convert a connex (those big metal boxes people ship big stuff in) to an office/living area. This means I’ll have my own computer at hand. This I like, a lot! This will also help me do computer updates since I can do them at night when nobody’s around vs kicking them off their computer. It’ll be nice to have some privacy too. We’ll see how this goes. All I’m waiting for is for them to bring the big connexs in so we can move our supplies out of the smaller ones. Please happen soon!

My class went well last night. Sadly, I only had one extra student, and one didn’t show up who was here last week. I heard tell that more wanted to come but weren’t sure if they were allowed because they aren’t military. Anybody’s allowed, so maybe the’ll be here next week. We’ll see.

Anyways, that’s about all that is new. The major of the education center put me in for some awards, but I don’t know what the army gives for awards or anything like that so I’m as clueless as you are on that aspect.

Anyways, back to work I go.

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